Who We Are

Coders. Problem solvers. Computer geeks. Developers. Technical architects. We are a close knit group of computer science enthusiasts that enjoy coding and hope to make a difference with our software.

What We Do

As the official Web Team and programming club of NIT Trichy, we develop and maintain the institute's official website and handle web related activities of the institute's festivals including the cultural fest, Festember and the technical fest, Pragyan. Our members are constantly working with cutting edge technology and software on their exciting personal projects. We love Hackathons and spend a lot of our time working on new ideas. The club also conducts events and workshops on an annual basis.



HackerTalks is a two day series where we present various topics spanning the breadth of the computing and programming fields. The first HackerTalks event was conducted on March 27-28 2018, giving its audience a glimpse into multiple arenas of computer science and engineering.


Delta Force organises annual workshops for freshers at NIT Trichy. In previous years, we conducted interactive educational sessions that taught the participants the basics of linux and python languages and more recently, organised one that dwelled into popular algorithms and their implementation.


DWoC is a winter long program organised by Delta Force, the coding club of NIT Trichy. With an aim to support and improve the culture of open source software around us, this serves as a platform for young student developers (or even starters) to hone their technical skills by taking up projects of their interests. We hope this encourages collabrative experiences and allows students from all backgrounds to contribute to quality technical projects from diverse fields.